About Us

PetsBreeds.com is a unique portal for owners of cats, dogs, parrots, and other pets, as well as their owners. A kind of social information network for breeders and lovers of these amazing, proud, and affectionate pets. For you, we have collected hundreds of useful articles by professional veterinarians. Moreover, we have developed the most convenient user interface of the site – each participant has the opportunity to express their opinion about a particular breed, ask for advice from professionals or share their observations.

Everything you want to know about pets is available with a few clicks of a computer mouse. The most relevant, useful, and interesting information. We have made every effort to create a site full of information, interesting photos, and videos, which is truly useful for the owner of cats of all breeds. How to raise and feed your pet? How to become a breeder of a popular breed? How not to fall for scammers in the process of buying a kitten? What is the peculiarity of the cat of each specific breed? About this and much more in the articles on the pages of the site!

What are the advantages of PetsBreeds.com?

  • A lot of useful, interesting, reliable, and unique information;
  • A unique platform for communication between breeders, and owners of cats and dogs;
  • Constant updating of information, fresh recommendations, new articles;
  • Interesting collections of photos, video lessons, and ratings of breeds, names of pets.

PetsBreeds.com: a unique platform where you will find everything for a happy and carefree life for your pets, and even a little more. Love your pets as much as we love them!

* Despite the efforts that we make to ensure the accuracy of the information published, it may sometimes contain inaccuracies. Therefore, the administration of the site “PetsBreeds” is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information published. The materials published on this site are intended for informational purposes (especially materials on treatment and diseases), i.e. serve as a reference, not a guide to action. You may trust the material published on this site only at your own risk.

* If you see any symptoms of illness in your pets, consult a qualified doctor immediately!