Why dogs pee at home – looking for reasons

why does the dog piss at home
If you are reading this article, then you probably know what a nightmare it is when a dog pees at home. This is one of the most common problems among dog owners and can be difficult to fix, especially if you don’t know what to do.

I’ll make a reservation right away – there are two ways to solve the problem:

  • simple – seek help from a specialist;
  • difficult – to figure it out on your own.

Why is the dog doing this?

To begin with, this problem can affect the hearts of not only the owners of untrained puppies, but also those who already have an adult dog that previously did everything correctly and for some reason began to urinate at home.

This problem can be caused by various reasons, for example:

  • a variety of health problems;
  • the dog may pee for fear when you or family members scold him;
  • just incontinence, especially if the dog is still too young or vice versa in old age;
  • mistakes in training;
  • the dog begins to mark the territory in this way.

The difficulties that you face when facing this problem differ depending on the cause, so tune in to the fact that you need to work with it persistently and patiently. Of course, it happens that the reason is found out with one visit to the veterinarian or a good analyst due to a problem and it turns out to quickly fix the situation, but even if not, then you should never give up and despair.

Health problems

The first thing you should rule out is your dog’s health problems that prevent him from enduring the required amount of time. Problems can arise from a wide variety of reasons, such as bladder infections, incontinence, kidney problems, indigestion or a change in diet, etc. This is especially true if the behavior has changed dramatically, for no apparent reason.

Perhaps the dog is marking territory?

If the dog is healthy, another possible reason could be marking the area to feel safe. This can often be if the dog feels or perceives a threat in the home. This fear can be caused by anything – the dog was scolded, the owner’s strange new behavior, an unknown person came, an animal appeared in the house, a new piece of furniture or equipment, and much more. Help your dog cope with fears and worry less yourself, because they feel and reflect the stress of the owners.

Another reason may be the fear of loneliness or loss of home, in which case the dog usually pees in one specific place, and leaving its scent, it wants to “stake out” the right to be a part of this society, most often it concerns bitches.

Toilet smell

If there are several dogs in the house and one tagged or you cleaned the house with special means that remind them of a toilet, then other dogs may leave tags there, believing that this is a specially designated place for this. Remove twice as much area as the place of bowel movement, because there are splashes that we may not see and pick up eco-friendly products.

Attracting the opposite sex

A dog may be marking in the house, due to excess testosterone or the smell of a running bitch nearby, in which case castration can greatly reduce his desire to mark the territory. The main thing is not to allow it to be a habit, it is more difficult to defeat it.

In general, correctly reinforce the desired behavior and never scold for the fact that the dog went to the toilet at home!

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Incorrect training

If you picked up an adult dog or you inherited a dog that is simply not trained in the rules of living indoors, or perhaps you did not train much with it and did not consolidate this skill. In this case, the dog can walk at home, simply because it does not understand why it should not be done.


Puppies often go to the toilet at home because they have small bladders and just need to walk several times a day. There is a simple formula for how much a puppy can tolerate – the number of months is equal to the number of hours. For example, if a puppy is 3 months old, then he can only withstand 3 hours without a toilet. If you do not walk the required number of times or do not accustom him to the litter box, then he simply will have no choice but to go somewhere in the house. Also, puppies remember this question a little longer in time, so you need to patiently repeat and teach.

Sometimes it happens that a puppy or dog is afraid of the street or leaving his scent in an unsafe area, then he will continue to go to the toilet in the house. In this case, you first need to work on socialization of the dog and self-confidence.

Upbringing with the use of aversive (unpleasant, painful) influence will not teach the dog the desired behavior, but will only strengthen mistrust of a person and teach him to go to the toilet just not in the presence of a person and try to find secluded places in the house, which will not immediately be able to find a puddle.

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