Why does the cat go to the toilet next to the tray

the cat walks past the tray - what to do
The most offensive moments are when the cat goes to the toilet next to the litter box, and not into it. The animal travels 90% of the way, but cannot enter its box. What’s happening? Various causes can lead to a cat urinating or passing a bowel movement near the litter box.

Here are the three most likely ones:

  1. The cat cannot fit in the box. The correct position for her to take is when her back of her torso, with her tail drawn in, is far enough from the edge of the box for everything to go where it needs to go. Many commercially available trays are too small for a cat to climb into, sniff, paw, crouch down without touching the back of the crate.

why does the cat go to the toilet near the tray

It turns out that the cat is doing everything right – gets into the right position – but its back end hangs over the edge of the box, and the chair or urine falls on the floor next to it. So the problem is in the toilet box. The basket should be 1.5 times as long as the animal’s body and about 3 times wider.

  1. The cat can do a balancing action to enter the litter box, but is standing on the edge of the litter box, so urine or stool is shot over the edge. This is a sign that she does not like to stand in this box or cannot, because she is too small. If the cat is already big, but still stands on the edge, then he does not like the poured filler. It also happens due to deodorizers, plastic liners and non-clay type fillers. Or – a signal of joint pain.

what to do to make the cat go to the tray

You can try offering your cat a second litter box with a different type of litter and see which one she prefers. For cats now on the market there is a very wide variety of fillers, even flavored, it is better to choose one in which only activated carbon acts as a deodorizer.

If the animal has a problem with litter rejection and has tried alternative types or larger trays, the cat should be examined by a veterinarian. Discuss joint supplements and low dose meloxicam therapy with a specialist for your furry.

  1. The cat may have constipation. She enters the sudoku, takes the correct position, but nothing happens. After a while, when there are no results, she leaves the tray, the chair is still there, and the animal begins to walk. And here the urge comes again. Only this happens already near the litter box, whereas on normal days the cat can defecate where it should be.

how to care for a cat litter

Constipation problems can be caused by insufficient fiber or water intake, intestinal irritation, or kidney failure. If your cat has frequent hard stools, you should bring samples and photographs of it to your veterinarian. You should not hesitate to photograph the tray, this can help with the diagnosis.

If everything has been tried, and the veterinarian has not identified any health problems, and the cat continues to walk near the litter box, you can put a mat under it to catch the “misses”. And whenever you see an animal next to the tray, praise it. The situation can be improved with a larger box, good hygiene and your favorite type of filler.

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