Pros and cons of breeding for a female dog

how do dogs get pregnant

Pros of dog pregnancy:

  1. Cute puppies appear

Cons of being pregnant with a dog:

  1. Responsible breeding is very expensive
  2. Responsible breeding takes a lot of time and effort
  3. Childbirth can be difficult and sad
  4. Childbirth will not improve your dog’s behavior
  5. Puppies won’t be like their parents
  6. There are already many homeless puppies looking for a home

Let’s consider these points in more detail.

Responsible breeding is expensive.

To be sure that the dog, the bitch, does not transmit genetic diseases to the puppies, it is necessary to pass tests.

Different breeds require different tests, but usually at least:

  • X-ray of the elbow / knee joints for dysplasia
  • DNA test for specific health problems found in this breed
  • Make an ultrasound.

At the moment, most dogs have some hereditary health problems due to the fact that dogs are bred without checking the tests in advance.

Test for brucellosis. If a bitch has this bacterium, there is a high probability that it will lead to abortion or death of the puppies at an early age. This bacterium can also be transmitted to the dog with which it was bred, making the dog sterile.

We need to pay for the veterinarian’s services. During pregnancy, the veterinarian should examine the dog several times. Some breeds are often unable to give birth and have to have a cesarean section. There are also breeds in which puppies need additional veterinary care to save their lives and mortality among them is high.

The cost of food increases many times over. The lactating bitch eats twice as much as usual, and the puppies, after weaning from the boob, devour the food as if tomorrow never comes.

Advertising costs. To find clients for puppies, you have to pay for several paid ads.

Responsible breeding takes a lot of time and effort

Take the time to study the dog’s pedigree. And this is not only to read the names of ancestors, you really need to understand it in order to know what the diseases were and what was the coefficient of inbreeding (closely related reproduction)

If you do not know what to do with puppies, do not breed this dog. This is not fair to the puppies and their future owners, as you cannot know what diseases they might be suffering from.

We need to spend time looking for a suitable dog. The dog must also be tested. He must have a normal psyche, he must not be aggressive or shy. And you also need to know his pedigree and calculate the inbreeding coefficient if they become a couple.

It is necessary to meet several times with a dog or take him to yourself, so that conception would definitely happen.

It is necessary to go to the vet several times for examination, which will take time. And according to the law of meanness, problems or childbirth will surely begin on a holiday or on a weekend or in terrible weather.

It is necessary to periodically look after the puppies. For the first week or two, you may have to get up at night to take care of your cheeks, especially if they need to be bottle fed.

Dirty diapers must be removed several times a day.

You will have to cook more and more often than usual.

It is necessary to hold in hands and caress the kids, so that they are properly socialized in relation to people.

It takes time to select good parents for puppies which you will already fall in love with by this moment, so you will want to give only to reliable people. Surely you want to know if there are small children in the family? What are they going to feed? Is there someone at home during the day or is everyone busy with their own business? If they are busy, will they take them to a dog kindergarten? And if you do not like their answers, then you may want to refuse the buyer, which can be quite difficult.

We need to spend time communicating with the new owners. Since you sold the puppies, they will call you and ask a lot of questions, since many people simply do not know the answers to many questions, especially if this is their first dog in the family. And if their circumstances change or they realize that they were not ready for this, then the puppy may well be returned to you.

Childbirth can be difficult and sad

You can lose your beloved dog during or after childbirth. Your dog lived joyfully and was healthy until you decided that you want puppies – can you live with such a load of guilt?

Puppies can be born dead or defective. It happens that puppies are born shriveled or without a skeleton, but filled with gelatin. Puppies may also be born with a missing eye or limb or a gap in the palate that will prevent them from feeding or with hydrocyphalus (dropsy of the brain).

The puppies may appear to be okay at first, but gradually they will weaken and die., for no particular reason.

The biggest upset is when they leave you for a new home. The first time you will be worried, are they exactly okay? What if they are resold by new owners, or they are afraid to return them and give them to a shelter, or just leave them on the street in a box? What if they don’t follow and just lose the puppy on the off-leash walk?

Childbirth won’t improve the bitch’s behavior

It is a myth, that a modest bitch will become more confident if you let her give birth.

Bitches that became more confident during the litter were changed by the mother’s hormones. But it doesn’t last long. When the hormonal balance is restored, the modest girl becomes modest again.

Bitches who show their shyness as the puppies grow and develop provide a terrible example for the puppies as they copy their mother’s behavior.

Puppies won’t be like their parents

If you are hoping to get a copy of your bitch or dog, then the chance is practically zero.

  1. Each puppy has half the genes from the father and half from the mother. If you want a similar dog, then you should contact those breeders from whom you bought yours and from the same parents. This combination gives the best chance of getting similar to your dog.
  2. A dog’s personality is unique and its habits, quirks and temperaments cannot be inherited. Skills like grazing, hunting, and running can be inherited, as well as basic temperaments such as sociability or independence are often passed on by genes, but each dog’s personality is different.

If you want a dog with some specific skills and character, then perhaps it is better to look at an adult dog in the shelter, which already shows what it is.

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