Pet Care Rules

Since ancient times, pets have been next to humans. Initially, they were needed in order to carry out a certain job: to protect the home and help to hunt. In our time, pets, in addition, can also be a source of income or just a beloved creature for the whole family.

Pet Care Rules

If you are planning to buy a pet, it will not be amiss to thoroughly study its features and take into account all the negative factors that may appear when he lives in the apartment. So, if the fish, rodents, or reptiles do not require special communication, then cats and dogs constantly need attention from the owner and require affection from him. For example, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you need to walk with a dog at least twice a day, and you don’t need to walk with a cat, but it requires mandatory communication and a portion of daily caress. If you cannot provide pets with such care, then you need to think about the real need of his institution.

When acquiring a small puppy or kitten, you need to understand that this is a baby who will have to be taught everything, showing restraint and understanding. With proper upbringing, an older animal will reward all family members for it. There are several basic well-known rules for caring for pets, but if there were no pets in the family before, you need to consult a veterinarian or read special books.

  1. The place where the animal will be kept should always be cleaned. Few people will enjoy the stinking cat toilet or the unpleasantly smelling cage of rodents. In addition, microbes like to live in such an environment. Bowls for food and drinkers should also be clean so that the animal does not have intestinal diseases. Therefore, cleaning should be done regularly.
  2. It is necessary to carefully study what feed and in what quantity the animal needs to be given. We should not forget that for normal growth and development, animals, like humans, also need vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances. If they are deficient, cats and dogs suffer from coats, eye problems can occur. When choosing pet food, you should pay attention to its quality and purpose. You can’t feed the dog food for cats and vice versa since their digestive system is completely different. And for any other animals, the diet should be varied.
  3. Another important issue for animal care is timely vaccination. Animals often suffer from a variety of infectious diseases, so vaccinations are necessary for them. It is also necessary to monitor the appearance of the pet, timely bathe, comb, cut, clean the ears, and rinse your eyes.

Probably everyone in childhood dreamed of a pet, but in childhood, few people think about it. In order for your pet to feel comfortable, certain rules must be followed. The health of the pet depends on your responsibility. Different types of pets require an individual approach. But there are such rules that should be followed, regardless of the type of your pet.
Until you have got a pet you can consult with experienced owners, get acquainted with the literature about your pets, so that in the future you will not expect “surprises”.

If you feed your pet with dry food, then always, there should always be a bowl of clean water. If your pet is left alone at home for the whole day, a dog drinker will help out very well.

Pet Combing

Regular combing of your pets’ hair will prevent the appearance of lumps. The amount of combing depends on the breed of your pet. Fluffy and long-haired animals must be combed daily, and smooth-haired animals during molting. Also combing will prevent the appearance of fleas.

Claw care

A necessary procedure for dogs. Cats are capable of grinding their own claws. Claws should be trimmed very carefully, no matter what the nerve endings are affected. When blood appears, you must immediately treat it with an antiseptic.

Personal hygiene

Ears should be cleaned with napkins and ear sticks. Before cleaning, remove hair from the ear canal of the folding dog, carefully pluck it. But dogs and cats do not need daily cleansing of the ear canal, but as sulfur accumulates. If during the procedure your pets begin to itch, jerk their heads, or an unpleasant odor comes out of the ear canal, you need to contact a specialist.

Cat and Dog Ear Cleaning

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If you have a four-legged friend, you already know how much joy and happiness he can bring. At the same time, keeping a dog, cat or another pet is a responsible and difficult matter.

Caring for pets requires extraordinary attention. We all wish to enjoy and enjoy communicating with our pets. However, not everyone realizes that an animal is not just a fluffy soft toy. It is necessary to take care of her and monitor her health constantly.

The main points that go into the concept of animal care are simple hygiene procedures and proper nutrition. Hygiene procedures include bathing, anti-flea treatment, cleaning from worms and ticks, haircuts and the like. Therefore, we consider each procedure in more detail.

As a rule, newly made pet owners have 2 questions about their bathing: how often and how to do it. The answers to these questions vary depending on which animal owner you are. The frequency of bathing the dogs depends on the breed itself. Our four-legged brothers have different types of wool, so each breed will have its own individual bathing schedule. For example, short-haired dogs are bathed 1-2 times a year, and long-haired dogs – 1-2 times a month. In addition, the degree of contamination should be taken into account. Cats should be bathed only if the coat is very dirty, for example, after a walk in bad weather. In this case, as a rule, the cat’s legs are mainly contaminated. Therefore, you can not bathe the animal completely, but only wash the contaminated areas of the coat. Bathing an animal is fully recommended only at the end of the summer season, immediately before the pet returns for the winter to the apartment. The shampoo with which you wash your pet also plays an important role. In no case should you bathe your dog or cat with the shampoo you use? Remember that animals and humans have different levels of skin pH. Therefore, it is worth considering and using special shampoos for pets, which are sold in any veterinary store. While bathing, it is very important to thoroughly rinse the hair from the remnants of shampoo so that there is no itching of the skin.

Flea Treatment on Pets

The problem of worms and ticks in pets is as acute as the problem of fleas. The main thing you need to do is to regularly conduct deworming (run of worms in animals). First, you need to decide on the drugs for worms. In the arsenal of modern veterinary medicine, there are many of them. All means of worms for pets by the method of application can be divided into several groups: funds that are used orally (tablets, suspensions, powders), drops on the withers (spot-on), injectable drugs. Today, there are also combined remedies that simultaneously act on worms, fleas, and ticks.

It is this type of animal care that is gaining increasing popularity today. Why is a haircut so necessary for our pets? If you are the owner of a long-haired cat or dog, you are familiar with such an unpleasant phenomenon as mats. They harm the health of the animal, prevent the skin from “breathing”, and are a hotbed of inflammatory processes, which brings the animal extra discomfort. In addition, a haircut will save you from a daily combing procedure. With regular grooming of your pet, the coat becomes more healthy. There are special hairdressers for animals or you can use the service – call the master at home.

And we must remember that in addition to all of the above, animals need high-quality nutrition and vitamins. Currently, almost everyone who has pets, transfer their pets to finished feed. As a rule, industrial animal feed is carefully balanced, providing the animals with the necessary energy and nutrients, taking into account individual characteristics, physical activity of the species, breed, weight, gender, and stage of development. And even a balanced and high-quality feed is not able to satisfy the animal’s need for vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Because this need is individual for each animal. And those who eat from the master’s table almost always experience a shortage of them. Like people, our lesser friends need the support of the body with vitamins during the period of illness, for the prevention and maintenance of immunity, vitamins are also required in the diet with an active lifestyle of the animal. Therefore, every caring owner who loves his pet seeks to provide the animal’s diet with the maximum of necessary substances and nutrients, and this is where vitamins come to the rescue.

Pets were in humans even in antiquity. Then they were kept so that they performed certain specific functions: they drove the game on the hunt or guarded the home. Now, pets have other purposes: someone starts them to make money, and someone just for fun.

Before you get a pet

You need to know how to follow him. It is necessary to take into account all the features and difficulties of his living in the house. There are several rules for keeping animals. If the fish or turtles do not need to communicate, then the cat or dog will require affection and attention from the owner. It must be borne in mind that the dog needs to be walked at least 2 times a day, and if there is nobody to do this, it is better to refrain from buying this animal. Although the cat does not need to walk, she loves communication and if she is left alone all the time, then she can begin to yearn and do a lot of bad things in the house, for example, tear off wallpaper or curtains.

When you start a pet in a house, you should understand that this is the same child who needs to be taught everything and if you show patience and understanding, then your pet should reward its owner for this. There are several simple rules for the correct keeping of animals, everyone knows them, but if a person starts a pet for the first time, then he is better off reading special literature or consulting a veterinarian. Your pet’s place should be clean. After all, if an “unearthly aroma” comes from a cat’s toilet or a guinea pig’s cage, it will be unpleasant for others. Not to mention that it can become a habitat for harmful microbes. If the animal eats from a dirty bowl or feeder, it can catch an intestinal infection, so cleaning should be done daily.

You need to know what and how to feed the pet

It, like a person, should receive all the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins necessary for the body along with food. If the pet has a deficit of some elements, then it will feel bad, it may begin to fall out hair or begin to fester eyes. A large number of ready-made feeds are sold in stores, you need to choose feeds of only high quality and you should remember: what a dog can do, not a cat, due to the differences in the digestive system. Even a turtle cannot be fed with one carrot; its diet should also be different.

And of course, vaccinations for your pet

This is a very important aspect of keeping an animal. After all, animals are also susceptible to various infections. It is also necessary to comb and bathe the animals from time to time, clean their ears, and rinse their eyes.
A person should remember that his pet is completely dependent on him, he becomes a member of his family and does not stand negligently and neglect his health.

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