It is necessary to educate from childhood – we educate the dog correctly

how to raise a dog correctly

Like children, dogs must be educated, socialized and understand the world correctly. The dog should be happy, not afraid of everything around him and be alone at home without problems. And for this she needs to be properly educated! A specialized kindergarten for dogs is designed to cope with this task, but if you decide to take responsibility for yourself – read on.

Many inexperienced owners think that since a dog is a friend of man, it should initially know and understand everything. Many owners do not want to train the dog, waste time on classes, thinking that she will understand everything over time. In reality, dogs do not know our language, and are not born super smart or know what you want from them. And one of the main problems that dog owners face arises from improper relationships. Most often it occurs in medium and small dogs, as these little funny dogs are not taken seriously and are not raised: “She will not do anything and will not bite anyone.”

But at some point, the owners of such fluffy children first encounter small, and seemingly insignificant problems:

  • The dog listens to commands from time to time.
  • Dodges or runs away when you reach out or approach her.
  • Keeps in teeth and does not give away what is in the mouth.
  • Increased demands attention and affection when you read, talk on the phone or chat with friends.
  • Steals food from a plate when you are not around or rummages in a dustbin.
  • Growls at you. When you wake her up, try to take her off your favorite couch, touch her stomach, tail or paw, go to the bowl when she / he eats.
  • Struggles with you when you try to look or brush her teeth, brush her ears, or trim her claws.
  • Runs away from you when you caught her for something not supposed to.
  • He barks or growls at guests even after you let them in, or vice versa – unceremoniously jumps on guests.

This behavior is most often manifested as a result of lack or improper upbringing. If you have learned at least a few points from this list, then this means that the dog does not trust you and you need to establish a relationship. And allowing or not responding to small pranks, we only encourage and reinforce the type of behavior.

correct development of the dog

Dogs are sociable animals that love to live in society with other sociable animals or who they consider to be their family. And the head of the family is always responsible for his group and does only what is best for everyone. And most of all, it is not the tyrant who is respected, but the one they want to follow. Therefore, you need to be an intelligent and caring leader for the dog. But dogs can also “sit on their heads”, so education is more important than just training.

Each living creature is unique and there are no uniform rules for upbringing, moreover, one family is accepted, and in another it is completely different, therefore everyone decides for himself how to educate and what to allow and what to prohibit. It’s important to always remember that dogs love rules and consistency. They instinctively know that the well-being of a group depends on whether each member is capable of handling his or her tasks. Thus, they always know who is responsible for what.

Group instinct is in the genes of your dog and this is very good by the way! It is due to this instinct that the dogs have so closely got used to the life of our families. Of course, cats have also taken a special place in our lives and at the moment they are the most popular animal in families, but they are different and the approach to them is a little different.

But back to our dogs. We must not forget that even if you only live with the dog together, there is still someone who makes decisions.

Who is the leader and who is the follower?

The answer is simple – the one who sets the rules and makes decisions is the leader.

correct dog education

But if the leader is inconsistent in his actions, behaves aggressively, then most likely the dog will not trust such a person and rely on him. The rules are just a routine to which the dog gets used and is comfortable with the fact that he knows what will happen in 5 minutes or tomorrow. If you are fickle, then the dog can be depressed, from a misunderstanding of what is happening and why everything is always changing, it can become cowardly or squeezed or show aggression in self-defense.

A dog will always depend on its owner; in this world there is a lot that is incomprehensible and frightening for it. Indeed, in the family, it is the person who is responsible for the food of the dog, for its health, safety and, in general, as a dog will live its years on this planet. Therefore, you should be able to calmly:

– give the dog some medicine that is not pleasant to her;
– take something from the mouth, as it can be dangerous to her life;
– touch any part of the body, for example, to remove a tick;

For your own safety, you must be sure that the dog will not interfere with you to do something, or even more so that it will not bite. Plus, you cannot leave an aggressive dog at the dog hotel if you urgently need to leave.

Our zoopsychologists will tell you how to properly educate a dog, understand what it wants and how it perceives you, in an individual or group lesson.

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