How to train a kitten or cat to use a scratching post?

how to train a kitten to a scratching post
When the question “How to wean a cat to tear furniture?” Arises, the best answer is to teach him to sharpen his claws on a scratching post, and even better if there are several of them in the house.

First, it is extremely important to choose a good scratching post. There are various types of it: cardboard, fabric, chintz. First you need to determine which one you like best.

Secondly, find the right place for its location. First, you need to figure out how cats see it and why they do it.

Why does the cat constantly tear up something?

This behavior is common to the entire feline family, not just pets. It could be kind of:

how to train a cat to a scratching post

1. Territorial marking.

Scratch marks are like “twitter” for cats, and other relatives read on them who was there. In addition, they have glands on their paws, which also marks the territory. Therefore, it is better to choose not a quiet corner, but a place where there are many smells and you can show everyone that this is their zone. When the animal learns to use the scratching post, then gradually it can be moved to the desired angle.

2. Turnstile for training and muscle stretching.

Cats love to stretch and stretch after sleeping. Therefore, the scratching post must be securely fixed, not wobbly or fall. It is advisable to place it near the animal’s favorite sleeping place. A tall house with scratching posts will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to your cat, it is important for them to have the opportunity climb hills.

3. Manicure machine.

Cats’ claws grow constantly, so they undermine them all the time. You need to watch your pet’s claws and trim regularly.

how to train a cat to a scratching post

How to choose a place for a scratching post?

You should study objects that the cat likes to sharpen its claws on. These can be vertical or horizontal surfaces. Based on this, it is easier to choose the correct scratching post option.

Also the place where he usually does this, near the sofa, a bowl of food, at the entrance to the apartment, or if the cat loves sit or sleep by the window. We put a scratching post there and when we teach the cat to use it, gradually move it away from the carpet, chair, sofa, etc. For the first time, it is better to cover upholstered furniture with a thick blanket, which the cat does not like to scrub, but provide a ready-made alternative nearby.

how to train a cat not to sharpen its claws on furniture

How to train a cat to “new furniture”?

If the animal ignores the scratching post, you can try:

  • Catnip (spray or dry). Spray or scatter at the base and top.
  • Play a fishing rod next to the scratching post, prompting the cat to jump or touch the paw.
  • Reward treats when the animal shows interest.
  • Use different scratching posts, for example, horizontal cardboard and vertical fabric in the form of a pillar.
  • Scrape your hand on the scratching post yourself, making the cat interested.
  • Use pheromones for cats. They make them more relaxed.

It is important to remember that if there are several cats in the house, then there should be more scratching posts.

Never use physical punishment if they are doing something inappropriate. Stress can develop many behavioral problems and even problems with the genitourinary system (idiopathic cystitis) will begin, and then the cat will not go to the litter box. Or he will become a slaughtered, aggressive animal, will hide and may even refuse to eat. Therefore, it is important to use only positive reinforcement learning.

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