How to teach a dog to bring an item so that it returns to its owner

how to teach a dog to bring things
It would seem that it is easy to train a dog to run after some object, and then return it to its owner. In fact, the dog is really easy to run after such an object, but it is not always easy to return this object to its owner without problems. Let’s look at how you can train your dog not only to run after something, but also to joyfully bring something and give it to its owner.

When teaching a dog to run correctly, find and really return a find to its owner, you do not just play with it, you establish contact between yourself and the dog, train him to control his instincts and follow your commands.

What to prepare for training your dog to bring and return items

So, you are eager to train your dog, but what tools should you use to do this? Just a few gizmos, and most likely they are in your home. One or two toys that your pet loves to play with will be enough. If the dog does not love toys or the latter is absent, you can use a ball, stick or some other interesting object.

how to train a dog to give back the things it brought

Don’t forget about the reward! The execution of any command must be motivated. Positive encouragement will be a strong argument in your favor, but a long flexible leash will also be an important argument to bring back your dog that is playing with a find.

Teaching Dogs to Bring Items

Some dogs, according to instinct, rush after the thrown object, but some do not want to do this. Such a dog needs to be lured and motivated, and as soon as it has already grabbed the proposed object, it needs to be rewarded for it, and then take this object into its own hands. The procedure must be repeated to consolidate what has been learned.

how to train a dog to fetch a thrown ball technique

Next, you need to teach the dog to give the received item to you. One of the ways will be to call your pet to him, and when he holds the thrown object in his mouth, standing next to you, ask him to drop it and offer a reward for this, for example, some kind of treat that the doggie loves.

You can return the dog to yourself with the object already grabbed by it, using another toy. By attracting the dog with a new trinket, you will teach him to return to you with the previous one in his teeth.

When the dog returns, but does not bring the first item, it is not rewarded, but is given the command again to return and bring the item left behind. The reward should be only in the case of the complete fulfillment of the command – the return of the object, this motivates the animal.

What to do if a dog runs away with a thrown object in its teeth

When your pet is holding an object in his mouth, but stubbornly does not come towards you, do not run after him. This is not what is required. In this case, you need to resort to a long leash. When he has an object clamped in his mouth, pull lightly on the leash. When the dog approaches you, you can reward it, even if it will not give you the item for the first time, but the first steps have already been taken to this.

training dogs to bring items

What if the dog won’t let go of the object?

If the dog stubbornly does not let go of the object, even when he comes back to you, you need to motivate him to do so. The animal will gladly exchange the item for a treat, if you offer it. You can also throw another object, and then in pursuit of it, it will release the first one. Repeating this cycle: throwing several, even two, objects in turn, you teach your pet to give you what he brought.

Dog skills need to be consolidated. Train in sessions of five to fifteen minutes, and do not forget about the encouragement. Change the toys / items that the dog should bring, make sure they are varied. As your training progresses, only reward the dog for bringing and giving you the item, be patient and take it step by step. Believe me, such training will not only bring benefits and results, but also give positive emotions and cause mutual trust between the owners and their pet.

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