How to properly care for cats and cats – 6 golden rules

cat care
According to statistics, there are more than 400 million domestic cats in the world, although of course it is impossible to calculate the exact figure. Lovely felines have long conquered the Internet and live in many houses or apartments. Here are the basic needs of cats so that their faces delight us longer.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the key to a long and healthy life for everyone, and cats are no exception. Just like dogs, they do not need different tastes, even more, they have only 500 taste buds, while dogs have 1,700 receptors. Therefore, you can feed them monotonous food. If you want to pamper and give a treat, then they will certainly be delighted with a can of canned food or a bag of spider.

It should be remembered that cats should not be given very hot or cold food, for example from the refrigerator, as their digestion is disturbed. Therefore, if your cat eats little, then it is better to buy a small jar or heat it to room temperature. It is important not to feed your cat with dog food, which contains much less protein, taurine and certain types of acids than cats need, so this will lead to heart disease and other abnormalities. If you change your diet, it should be done gradually to avoid problems with the cat’s gastrointestinal tract. On average, the transition to a new feed takes about 8-10 days. (1-3 days 25%, 3-6 days 50%, 6-8 days 75%, and after 100%).

And of course, you always need to make sure that the animal has a sufficient amount of clean water, since standing water changes its taste and the cat will stop drinking it. In addition, various microbes spread in dirty water.

caring for cats

Exercise stress

Surely everyone has heard that cats are nocturnal predators, so it is likely that your pet jumps on the chest at night, catches its legs from under the blanket, or insists on eating. And although domestic cats spend 2/3 of their lives in a dream, they sleep in your absence, so when you return in the evening, their day is just beginning.

To avoid this, physical activity is needed. Play with your cat in the evening with a laser pointer with treats (the game should have a goal and end, not just running around) or a toy fishing rod. You can even go further and buy an intellectual game for the cat, but there are those too. Many cats are just in awe of the usual candy wrapper, so you don’t even have to spend money. If this does not exhaust your pet, then you can get a second kitty so that they occupy themselves. Although cats are considered antisocial and love solitude, for active representatives of the feline genus, a second brother can be a way out. The main thing is to choose a similar temperament and introduce them correctly, so that in the future there will be no fights at home instead of games.

Of course, you can let the cat out into the street if you live in a private house so that it would spend its energy there, but living in a metropolis where there are a lot of cars, people, dogs and everything else – this can ruin your pet, so I do not recommend such practices. Although some breeds, for example oriental or Russian, walk well on a leash, so you can easily teach your cat to walk, and at the same time walk yourself. Only unlike a walk with a dog, the cat itself will decide where she wants to go and where she does not. It is important to do this correctly and first consult a specialist so as not to injure the cat.


The litter box is part of your cat’s personal property, so it is very important for them that it is always clean. If there are several cats, then each should have their own litter box. Be sure to choose a litter box that is large enough so that your cat doesn’t have to huddle in it. At the moment, there is a fairly extensive range of fillers on the market, so just pick the one that suits you and your pet the most. If the cat goes to the toilet next to the tray, then you must first figure out the reasons.

Even if you use a filler that eliminates odors, ammonia still tends to accumulate, and the animal may refuse to go to a smelling tray, then you should completely replace all the filler and clean and rinse it well. For the convenience and quickness of changing the litter, you can use special tray bags that you can buy at the pet store.

Cats often observe the litter box process as they perceive these actions as special care for her. Well, if the cat categorically refuses to go to the litter box, first it is necessary to clean it thoroughly, if this does not help, then you should take her to the veterinarian, perhaps she has a disease of the genitourinary system.

cat care

Your place in the house

A cat is a territorial animal, and even living with a person, they still need their own mini-territory. Even if the cat loves you very much and sleeps with you, from time to time it needs to relax and be inaccessible to the outside world for some time. Cats living side-by-side are able to use shared shelters if they are on good terms.

You can buy a special house in any pet store and in most cases, the higher the house is, the more pleasure the cat will climb on it. From a height they can see everything well and they feel safe there. Many cats need vertical surfaces to make them feel more protected.

Especially if you have several animals, then in order to avoid fights for the territory, you can nail a couple of shelves to the wall so that the cat can climb on them and watch what is happening from a height. Another favorite activity of many domestic cats is looking at the world through a window, so give them that opportunity.

Cat care

Although cats and cleaners, who spend 30% of their wakefulness on grooming, still need to look after them, like dogs, and this includes: clipping, combing, washing, cleaning ears and teeth. And if your kitty walks on the street, then treatment for fleas and ticks.

Clipping is much easier in cats than in dogs, so most owners can do it on their own. Well, if you wish, you can always contact a grooming specialist who will wash and perform all the necessary hygiene procedures.

Each breed is individual and requires a different amount of time to groom, but so that the wool does not fly around the house, it is worth taking up a comb once a week. During molting, you will have to spend a little more time on leaving. Why do cats shed? Most cats are not very fond of such procedures, so it is better to start accustoming them to this routine from a young age.

Health control

how to care for a cat

For prophylaxis, the kitten should be taken to the veterinarian for examination once a year and, if necessary, vaccinated. Even if your kitty is always at home and does not go outside, there is a chance to bring different viruses on clothes or shoes, especially if you come into contact with stray cats. Ask your veterinarian what vaccinations are required in your area and their duration.

With a routine vaccination, a visit to the veterinarian must be planned in advance and given a remedy for worms 10 days before the day of vaccination. For cats, they offer 3 types of products – in tablets, suspensions and drops on the withers.

Finding a good veterinarian who will advise only the necessary procedures is not always easy, but it is worth spending time on it, because with proper handling of the animal, the age of a cat can reach 20 years or more, which means that all this time you need to have someone with whom you can consult and contact in time.

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