bookmark_borderHormone Surges in Cats and Dogs

Hormone Surges in Cats and Dogs

We have survived another winter and now we gladly turn our cheeks to the first warm rays. It seems that with the onset of spring, the world is changing: daylight hours increase, birds hum the mantras of reviving life, and young blades of grass are already making their way through the layer of snow. In some magical way, all these little things fill us with energy and motivate us to “spin the planet” even faster. Are only people affected by the March pheromones? Continue reading “Hormone Surges in Cats and Dogs”

bookmark_borderMolting in cats and dogs

Molting in cats and dogs


March is not only the time of the first snowdrops, warm sunshine, bouquets of mimosa, and high spirits but also … the beginning of the spring molt for your fluffy household. In your eyes, have you already flashed the memories of wool puffs all over the apartment and the “increased hairiness” of clothes (especially washed and ironed, preferably black)? Continue reading “Molting in cats and dogs”

bookmark_borderWorms in dog, cat or poultry and their treatment

Worms in dog, cat or poultry and their treatmentPets are susceptible to a variety of diseases that can be caused by parasites and other environmental factors. For many owners, the problem of the appearance of worms in a pet is familiar. It doesn’t matter if he goes out or is at home. These parasites can be located in any organ of the animal and have a detrimental effect on its general condition and organs separately. Let’s try to figure out how to recognize worms in a pet and help get rid of them, or even better, how to prevent infection. Continue reading “Worms in dog, cat or poultry and their treatment”

bookmark_borderPet Care Rules

Since ancient times, pets have been next to humans. Initially, they were needed in order to carry out a certain job: to protect the home and help to hunt. In our time, pets, in addition, can also be a source of income or just a beloved creature for the whole family. Continue reading “Pet Care Rules”