Do dogs have taste buds?

taste buds of dogs
Dogs do have recognition taste buds. Most dogs will skip the olive or orange. Dogs really don’t like bitter tastes, but other than that, they eat virtually anything. Both humans and dogs have a high sweet tooth, which explains the love for donuts, ice cream and other high-calorie foods.

History of taste

Dogs have a feeding pattern inherited from their hereditary relatives. Dogs are prone to eating disorders. Their ancestors could not count on regular meals, so they developed the ability to eat large amounts of food in one sitting. The principle was as follows: when you were lucky enough to get food, then you need to eat as much as possible, because it is not known how soon it will be possible to get it again. Dogs are also scavengers. They like nothing more than jogging, almost burying their noses in the ground, sniffing the ground in their path. One of the theories why they do this is that their ancestors survived by feeding on waste after humans and what people disdained. Dogs do have this trait. Most of the world’s dogs are not spoiled pets, but wild creatures that surround settlements and cleanse them of debris and waste.

Despite all of these traits that increase the survival rate of a wild dog, eating waste in trash cans can lead to problems especially for pet dogs that have no interruption in food. Dogs have a very powerful digestive system, and a dog accustomed to homeless life can eat almost anything without any consequences. Some dogs may just vomit, sooner than the swallowed waste will cause problems, but some dogs will persist and only after a few hours face problems such as diarrhea, nausea. Chicken bones are a real godsend for a dog, but boiled bone shards can easily harm the digestive tract. Dogs that are not accustomed to eating bones sometimes swallow them almost whole, especially if they suspect that the bone may be removed, in which case, large pieces of bone can harm the gastrointestinal tract and require expensive surgical intervention. Thus, despite the fact that dogs get great pleasure from eating scraps and going to landfills, such a pastime is dangerous for them.

can dogs taste sweet

How to keep your dog out of the landfill

The best way to minimize your dog’s dumpster visits is to provide him with generous portions of treats as he walks. You will walk the dog, repeating its name, and when the dog looks at you for treats, it will not be attracted by any leftovers from or near garbage cans. Keep going and attract her with delicacies after you, when she tastes them, she will start looking for you herself in order to get something tasty. Then you will no longer need to constantly repeat her name, but just wait for her to run up to you. Every time the dog looks at you, treat him by repeating the name. Very quickly you will get a dog that follows you during a walk and looks for you on its own, and does not run away.

Such training provides two important points at once:

  • your dog is focused on you,
  • your dog knows you have the tastiest food source.
  • Your pet no longer needs to look for some scraps at the edge of the sidewalks because it can get a lot better from its owner that it follows.
  • The dog should not see you as a competitor for waste and part of the garbage

Want to learn how to train your dog to be completely puzzled by scavenging? Run up to the dog and remove the waste it has picked up from its mouth. From your dog’s point of view, it looks like you yourself want to get hold of all of these treats. Most dogs solve this question in this way: they try to instantly swallow more different fragments of garbage before you have time to take them away.

dogs can taste what

Train your dog that you are interested in his find. Ask the dog what he found, what he has when he picks up something from the street. Offer your pet one of your delicious treats. When your dog drops an item to eat, you can visually see what it has picked up. You can also pick up the dropped object, but not rip it out, in order to examine and assess whether the object is dangerous for the dog or not. If the picked up item is not safe, then distract your pet with a treat and make him forget about the picked up item.

If you cannot calmly observe how the dog eats objects of unknown origin during the walk, do the following: follow the walk route yourself and leave bits of food that the dog will certainly notice. Take your dog for walks and help him find any pieces you left behind.

It will also be helpful to teach your dog the command – drop. We will tell you how to do this in the next article.

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