Cats also play mind games

educational games for cats and cats
Feline mind games satisfy the feline hunting instinct, but unfortunately few people know about their existence. There are many types of cat games using food or treats.

Mind games

Some of the most common and popular are food puzzles. These toys make the cat think about how to get food out of the puzzle. In some, you need to try to get food with your paw, and in some you need to turn it over so that the food falls out or roll with your nose or paw, and some combine several variations and then the cat will have something to think about.

Why Buy? The cat already feels good. Then here are the benefits of puzzles for cats.

Mind games for cats helps them participate in part of their natural predation sequence – foraging. According to American studies, such games have many benefits, including encouraging cats to be more active, reducing stress levels and reducing demands from owners. If the cat is overweight, then these puzzles can help the cat lose weight.

how to play with a cat or a cat

Where to start and how to teach a cat to play?

We all know cats can be picky. You should try several types of toys to find what your cat loves. Cats who are accustomed to always having a full bowl of food may go on strike first, so it is important to make the toy accessible and fun and reduce the amount of food in the bowl.

Choose the easy option first so the cat can figure out how to harvest. You can always add difficulty levels after. First, mix a tasty treat with your regular food to keep you interested. For puzzles that move, you should first remove the surfaces and show what is underneath and how they move. And for those who need to roll, first use a smoother surface (for example, not a carpet, on which it is difficult to roll), where the game will move easily.

what to do with the hunting instinct of cats

By first reducing the daily portion of food in the bowl, you can gradually train your cat to always get food.

You can not buy the game, but make it yourself.

If you are unsure whether it is worth buying or want to experiment, then there are many options for how to make the game yourself.

For example, you can take a toilet paper tube and cut holes large enough in it so that food can fall out of there, put food inside and sew or glue at both ends. Another option is to take a paper bag, make small holes and twist it like a candy wrapper. The cat will study with great interest and will get a lot of pleasure from this activity.

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