Boxer Dog Breed

Boxer Dog Breed

Country of Origin: Germany
Height: 57 – 63 cm (male); 53 – 60 cm (female)
Weight: 27 – 32 kg (male); 25 – 29 kg (female)
Maintenance in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Life span: 10 – 13 years
Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Boxer Dog Breed Character

These dogs are often loved for their character, mind, and devotion. They are quite affectionate and will gladly join you if you lie down on the sofa, preferring to be near their owners whenever possible.

They are often distrustful of strangers unless they were socialized in early childhood. Otherwise, boxers will bark very loudly at visitors to your home.

Boxers remain emotionally immature for a long time, although their physical development usually stops at 18 months. This means that early learning may seem like a conversation with the deaf, although in reality, it is not. However, at one point your dog suddenly understands everything that you tried to teach her for a long time.

Despite the fact that they get along well with other animals in the house with whom they were raised together, they tend to chase cats and other small animals that are not part of their family.

Punishment rarely helps to cope with a boxer, and like many other dogs, praise and encouragement work much better. Many people have excellent results when preparing their boxers with a well-chosen set of teams.

Dogs of this breed remain very playful even at the end of their lives, which is slightly longer than most large dogs. Boxers love to bullies and are very happy when a person or another dog takes part in their games.

These dogs can adapt to almost any environment if they are surrounded by people.

Boxers are very smart but can be noisy. For this reason, obedience training is mandatory. Training is given boxers quite easily, and they like the process. Some of them work as guide dogs as well as guard dogs.

Boxer Dog Breed Care

The boxers’ coat is quite thin and easy to care for. Boxers molt, but their hair is very short and thin, so it does not strike the eye very much if it is not seasonal molting when the number of wool doubles.

Taking care of the wool is quite simple. Often it is enough to wipe the boxer with hard cloth, although many boxers like to be scratched with a rubber brush.

Boxers are very clean dogs and often look after themselves like cats. Boxer bathing is a more annual event than a regular procedure.

The claws of these dogs are not black, so they are easy to shave. Be sure to watch the claws, if they are not trimmed, they will not wear out over time, so they need to be trimmed every week or two.

Boxer Dog Breed Exercises

Boxers are large dogs that certainly need physical activity for at least an hour every day. Walking with boxers is usually not quite enough, it is good if a boxer can do daily runs.

Ideally, when a boxer has the opportunity to run in the countryside, although many owners of urban apartments successfully keep them in small rooms if they have a large park nearby.

Boxer Dog Breed Disease

  • Boxers are prone to quite a few health problems. They have been bred for over 100 years and have several disorders associated with maintaining their appearance.
  • Deafness. About 20-40% of born white puppies of boxers are born deaf to one or both ears.
  • Aortic stenosis and arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy of the right ventricle, congenital diseases that occur when a boxer matures.
  • Metabolic disorders: hypothyroidism, bloating and intestinal problems are characteristic of this breed. A carefully selected diet, including a few small meals a day, can help avoid the disease or reduce the likelihood of it.
  • Allergy, most often food.
  • Eye diseases: entropion (eyelid inversion), can be corrected surgically.
  • Cancer


Despite the fact that these dogs are excellent pets, they tend to fight among themselves, especially if they are of the same sex.

The most serious health concern for this breed is the high incidence of cancer.

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