Boston Terriers Dog Breed

Boston Terriers Dog Breed

Country of Origin: America
Height: 38 – 43 cm
Weight: 5 – 12 kg
Maintenance in the apartment: well suited
Life span: 15 years or more
Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Boston Terriers Dog Breed Character

Boston Terriers have superb character, they are very loving and gentle. These are smart, playful dogs with good manners.

They are easy to learn but very sensitive, so if you raise their voices they can be upset, which will be eloquently expressed on their cute faces.

Dogs of this breed do not belong to brawlers, but they are extremely loyal to their family and will protect it, if necessary.

Boston terriers get along well with children, the elderly, other pets, and strangers, who are sometimes trusted to the extent that they can leave with them.

These dogs are great for keeping in the apartment because of their small size, small requirements for physical activity, and very accommodating nature.

In addition, they are calm, friendly, sociable, and curious dogs.

However, they are quite independent and can sometimes be stubborn.

Dogs of this breed are in great need of attention; they need to be part of the family and participate in all its affairs.

Boston Terriers are well suited for both experienced and inexperienced owners. They are ideal for families with children and other pets. However, you should not get a dog of this breed for those who do not have enough time or do not want to pay much attention to their pet.

Boston Terriers Dog Breed Disease

In general, the Boston Terrier is a healthy breed of dog. However, most often these dogs have the following diseases:

  • Mast cell cancer (mastocytoma)
  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Hyperadrenocortism (Addison’s disease)
  • Cryptorchidism (not testicular prolapse)
  • Atopy
  • Cataract
  • Congenital Deafness

In addition, infrequently, but there are diseases such as:

  • Congenital dislocation of the elbow
  • Melanoma
  • Hydrocephalus (dropsy of the brain)
  • Pyloric stenosis
  • Craniomandibular osteopathy

Boston terriers are also prone to demodicosis and brain tumors.

Boston Terriers Dog Breed Care

The coat of Boston Terriers is thin, short. She does not shed much and needs only a little care. Periodic brushing with a stiff bristle is sufficient to keep the coat in good condition.

It is recommended to wipe the face of the Boston Terrier daily with a damp cloth or cotton pad.

Check your eyes and skin regularly for possible infections and cut your claws on time. Bathing the Boston Terrier is best as needed.

Boston Terriers do not need a lot of exercises. Short walks quite satisfy their need for movement. And the games will be very useful for the dog to receive the attention it needs.

Never load a dog outdoors at very high or low temperatures, Boston Terriers do not tolerate freezing or heat. Do not forget about the problems of this breed with breathing due to their short muzzle.


Boston Terriers often snore.

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