Awesome Big White Dog Breeds List: Pure White Pooches

There’s something magnificent about big white dog. The big white dogs color makes them appear like they’re bigger than they are. And that white fur creates an incredible visual impression.

However, regardless of the motivation, many people are drawn to big white dogs! There are many options in the table for those looking for an enormous white four-footer of their own.

We’ll go over some of the coolest white dog breeds and provide a bit about them below!

Criteria: What Qualifies as a “Big White Dog?”

So, what exactly do we think of as a big White Dog breed? These are the primary guidelines we’ll use throughout this piece:

  • Size We’ve said big white dogs, and that’s precisely what we refer to! However, since people have different views of what is a “big” dog, let’s guess that we’ll be looking at dogs who weigh at or above 50 pounds or less (and If you’re a lover of small dogs, take a look at our list of the most adorable tiny white breeds of dogs).
  • Color – Color – We don’t have to be picky regarding the exact color were not planning to take out color swatches, but we will make sure the dogs we’re looking at are genuine white. Off-white, white, or pale yellow puppies are all available to be in consideration here.
  • Mostly white —The dogs we’ll be covering do not have to be completely white to be in our list for this purpose.
  • The dogs with black, brown, or blue spots will be in the list as they’re sporting lots of white furs.


The 35 Best White Dog Breeds

Here are a few of the top big white dogs without further delay. Take note of the characteristics and traits of each since each comes with its unique set of features.

1- The Samoyed

We begin with the Samoyed that is a pliable and gentle dog with an extra-long white coat designed to guard him against the frigid winters of Siberia, where the breed was born. The skin is exceptionally thick, making him a perfect dog breed in winter conditions!

They are sweet dogs who have a strong bond with their owners. Although they are content to be with their families, you’ll need to ensure that they get plenty of exercise during the day. The breed that works is familiar with pulling sleds and hunting games, and with no training, they are susceptible to boredom.

It’s worth noting that the magnificent coat of these dogs needs significant amounts of grooming, which includes regular brushing. These agile, well-behaved dogs are great friends if you’re ready for the task.

Big White Dog: 2- Golden Retrievers

Despite their name, “golden” retrievers can have a white-ish look. You may hear rumors from breeders regarding a distinct “white golden retriever” or “English cream golden retriever”; however, these are golden retrievers with lighter coats.

According to AKC, they typically weigh between 55-75 pounds and are among America’s most loved dogs, regularly being among the top five most sought-after breeds. Golden Retrievers are keen to please family members, making them relatively simple to handle and adaptable.

Golden retrievers are at their best playing fetch or enjoying a short bath. These canines make lovely pets for families and are gentle and affectionate with both adults and children. It’s not that difficult to understand why people like these loving, beautiful, intelligent, and intelligent four-legged pets.

Big White Dog: 3- Bull Terrier

The adorable and somewhat odd canines are famous for their distinctive egg-form heads and a white-overcoat version. Bull terriers are medium-size, strong dogs that weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. They are athletic, affectionate, and funny. Canines who are clowns will surely bring lots of color into your lives.

Bull terriers are social animals. They don’t perform well in sitting on their own for long periods. They love to be active and are never lacking interest in playing play with their toys or taking an extended walk.

You’ll need to ensure you ensure that your Bull Terrier receives plenty of interaction early to ensure that he grows into an excellent canine. If adequately trained and supervised, the loyal bull terrier can be a superb lifetime companion.


Big White Dog: 4- The Great Pyrenees

The legendary Pyrenees have “great” in his name because they tip the scales as high as 120 pounds; they are tough, hardworking, and striking dogs initially bred to help aid shepherds and herders within the Pyrenees Mountains.

Intelligent dogs are close with their family members, but they can be a bit distant, which is why they need a lot of training and socialization to develop into well-rounded canines. Great Pyrenees dogs (and Great Pyrenees mixed breeds) are noted to be active and will demonstrate to their families the love they feel.

They are incredibly friendly and happy to join you on your adventures and are sometimes aid dogs. If properly trained and cared for, the sweet dogs make great family companions due to their peaceful living and passion for life.

5- Afghan Hound

This ancient breed typically weighs between 50 and 60 pounds. It is put to use to hunt enormous prey. They are elegant dogs with beautiful, sleek coats and are among the gorgeous breeds of dogs available!

Although these dogs are affectionate throughout their puppyhood period, they’ll develop to become independent, free-thinking, and flexible dogs.

Afghan dogs can be wear a white coat and require a substantial amount of grooming to keep their beautiful locks. They’re not what you would call a low-maintenance breed of dog!

This d should be paired with experienced owners since their impulsive nature demands a lot of interaction and training. Afghan dogs are frequently thought of as clowns due to their quiet characters and distinct personality.

Although they are somewhat independent, they are susceptible and enjoy giving love to those they love the most. Afghan dogs make excellent companions for families with a long history of dog owners who are ready to work hard in the beginning and are looking for a more independent animal.

6- Clumber Spaniel

It is sure that the Clumber dog breed is a sweet, adorable animal that weighs anywhere between 55 to 85 pounds. The breed was initially used as a hunting companion for royals and is characterized by an off-white coat that typically contains a few tiny brown markings.

They prefer to keep things moving at a leisurely pace, but do not be mislead: the Clumber Spaniel is an intelligent bird-hunting pet and is ready to take on the task at the first smelt of an elusive duck or another small game. They are affectionate to their owners and enjoy showing their families how much they love them.

Clumber spaniels are a favorite in homes with a family member to play or cuddle. They aren’t fans of sitting for long hours in a solitary space. They shed a lot, but they are worth it because of the fun and joy they bring.

Big White Dog: 7- Kuvasz

The Hungarian breed of dog has beautiful white coats and an unbreakable dedication to work. With a 70 to 120 pounds weight range, Kuvasz isn’t a breed for those who aren’t confident with his strong will and massive muscular build.

These intelligent dogs were initially developed to protect livestock, and many remain in this role today. Kuvasz is a loyal dog that requires an experienced, knowledgeable owner who knows how to cater to the demands of his sometimes solitary and sometimes protective nature.

Kuvaszok loves having an occupation or a daily job to keep them active. These majestic, muscular dogs are sure to be awe-inspiring with their agility, wolf-like builds, and brave personality.

8- Siberian Husky

These sled dogs with a smile are friendly dogs that sometimes wear white coats. Obviously The Siberian Husky weighs between 35 – 60 pounds, meaning he barely makes our list. Don’t let his weight fool you! The Husky is a doggie with a high-octane scent full of energy for living.

Husky and Husky mix-breeds require an experienced and knowledgeable owner to provide the proper training to develop into well-adjusted dogs. They are incredibly welcoming and love the joy of family life.

The Husky, who is hardworking, is an absolute working dog. This dog will require plenty of activity and mental stimulation to ensure that it is at the most its capability.

The beautiful dogs are great pets for owners who are willing to make an effort to train them. In addition, it is the Siberian Husky is known for its cleanliness, but he also sheds a massive amount of hair.

Big White Dog: 9- Dogo Argentino

 The Dogo Argentino is one of the largest dogs that weighs between 80-100 pounds. These strong and athletic dogs were developed to hunt big game, and they sport a distinct, short white coat.

Dogo Argentinos are very loving to their families and very courageous as well. However, they require a strong-willed, compassionate trainer to ensure that the pups are independent and develop into socialized and well-socialized dogs.

The four-footers who are alert are great watchdogs and among the most courageous and loyal companions, you’ll ever meet.


10- Yakutian Laika

Although this breed isn’t officially in the AKC, the Yakutian Laika is beautiful with a coat that is white or partially white and weighs around 50 pounds. They are closely related to the Siberian Husky and are also excellent sledding dogs.

They are pack-oriented and prefer to have human and canine family members around and make great pets for families. Yakutian Laika Yakutian Laika is extremely warm and loyal, even though he can be shy around people he does not know. Hardworking sled dogs require frequent, vigorous training to maintain their tails moving.

A Yakutian Laika is extremely smart, and therefore, they are fairly easy to train. In the end, the dog’s versatile personality and dashing look are convenant to charm you quickly.

Big White Dog: 11- Komondor

The Hungarian livestock guard dog weighs between 80-100 pounds. Indeed He is famous for his white and mop-like curls. The distinctive dogs are affectionate to family members and are among the bravest dogs you will discover.

These smart dogs are simple to train and serve as alert watchdogs. Komondors are extremely intelligent and can exercise to watch over their owners. Komondor is best used with a knowledgeable dog owner who knows the breed’s specific training requirements because of their individualistic nature. The Komondor’s protective puppies will require plenty of socialization early in their lives to become well-adjusted adults.

The Komondor is at his best when working. He needs plenty of workouts to ensure that his tail stays in motion. One thing is certain that these mop-like mutts enjoy being affectionate towards their families.

12- Standard Poodle

A Standard Poodle is one of the most well-known breeds of Poodles. A highly intelligent dog generally weighs between 40 to 70 pounds. Poodles may have a completely black or partially white coat. They are famous as a quick-witted breed and fun nature.

They require constant physical and mental stimulation to keep themselves happy. So, make sure you organize plenty of fun and training sessions with them. Poodles and Doodles (aka poodle mixes) are a variety of active, friendly pets who can show their affection to their family members.

You must introduce your pet to people initially, as they may occasionally be unfriendly to strangers. The curly-hair beauties are certain to be to be wonderful canine companions with the right care and instruction.

Big White Dog: 13- Ukrainian Shepherd Dog

A Ukrainian shepherd dog, often referred to by a South Russian sheepdog, weighs between 105 to 150 pounds. They are ideal watchdogs due to their shrewd, quick-witted, and confident personalities.

They are extremely independent and require plenty of socialization under the guidance of a seasoned owner. Ukrainian shepherd dogs may be aloof to other dogs and even people. Therefore it is advocate that their families raise them from the beginning of puppyhood.

The fluffy white dogs will likely patrol your property since their tough working ethic makes it tough for Ukrainian shepherds to stay still. It’s a fact the lively Ukrainian shepherd is sure will keep you on the edge of your seat with his courageous nature and lively personality.

14- Slovensky Cuvac

The Slovensky cuvac, also known as the kuvasz is a guardian of livestock closely with the Hungarian Kuvasz. The dogs sport a beautiful white coat with a fluffy, soft texture which makes them ideal for the harsh winter climate of their mountains of European home countries.

The dogs weigh between 60 to 100 pounds. They are lively, confident dogs who love to be active throughout the day. Although they’re smart, they’ll require an experienced and knowledgeable owner to guide their wild personalities.

The Slovensky Cuvac can be narrate as a naturally-bred guard dog that is loyal to safeguarding all his loved ones. The four-footers are friendly and do great with children and other pets when socialized with their owners early.

15- Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog

The Maremmano Abruzzese sheepdog, AKA Maremma sheepdog, was created by Italian shepherds to guard the sheep flock. The pure white pups range from 75 to 100 pounds.

The livestock guardian dogs are close to their families, and they are happy to show their affection to those they love the most. Maremma sheepdogs have a fierce work ethic and thrive when they have knowledgeable owners who know their unique needs.

To aid in the process of bonding between the two, These dogs are typically born into the herd they are destined to guard. The stunning Maremma sheepdog has a determined dog, but the Maremma sheepdog is eager to please the parents.

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16- Polish Tatra Sheepdog

It is a Polish Tatra sheepdog, also called a Tatra shepherd dog, between 80-130 pounds. The Polish dogs have a distinct white coat and the polish use them as herding dogs or livestock guardian dogs.

A Tatra Shepherd dog can be described as independent, committed, hardworking and dedicated towards his loved ones. They tend to be very kind with children but need to be socialized from a young age in the process. Polish Tatra sheepdogs benefit from the expertise of their owners because of their spirited nature and size.

Smart dogs love working all day and require plenty of space to run and explore. If properly trained and taken care of and trained, the Polish Tatra sheepdog can be an incredible dog protector who’s keen to please his loved ones.

16- White German Shepherd

A white German shepherd, also known as the white shepherd, is an immediate descendant of the German shepherd. The primary distinction between German shepherds and shepherds of white is their coat color, although they are classified as distinct breeds according to UKC. UKC.

The loyal dogs weigh between 50-90 pounds and are always committed to their loved ones. Their intelligent nature and aptitude make them ideal dog breeds for working and extremely capable of being trained. It is important to ensure that the white German shepherd gets plenty of exercise since they are incredibly agile and love to move.

White German shepherds must have an introduction to people early as they avoid contact with strangers. But, they are extremely gentle and loving with their owners.

17- Borzoi

The Russian breed was initially developed as an eye hound, hunting rabbits, foxes, and the wolf (yikes!). These majestic dogs are excellent companions and are authoritative by their speedy and distinct designs.

The average borzoi weighs between 60 to 105 pounds. They are incredibly affectionate pets for families, but they’ll require the security of a yard that is fenced in to test their innate chase habits.

These gentle, calm canines are in search of human companionship and love to lounge on the sofa after a short walk out. initially With a lively, agile physique and an easygoing temperament, you’re sure to have a charm for these unique dogs.

18- Akbash

The Akbash is a native breed of Turkey and was initially bred to be an animal guard dog. The independent puppies weigh from 75-140 pounds.

The Akbash is a great watchdog as he’s extremely protective of his beloved pets. Although the Akbash doesn’t require attention, he does enjoy being with his family.

They aren’t social with other dogs or animals and are most suitable as the sole pet in the family. They are incredibly adventurous best friends.

19- Dalmatian

We all recognize Dalmatians for their famous black spots. However, some are more spotted than others, making it possible for these intelligent dogs to be on the top white dog list. The breed walk with horse-drawn coaches and weigh between 50 and 70 pounds.

The dogs with high strung levels require plenty of daily exercises to be at their peak and are always ready for long walks or a run in the park. Dalmatians (and Dalmation mixed breeds) are energetic and agile dogs that need an experienced pet owner to guide their strong-willed natures.

The adorable spotted dogs are attracted to lots of activity, and so they are best in bigger houses where people are always present. The sociable Dalmatian is certain to keep you entertained by his individuality as distinctive as his signature coat.

20- Alaskan Malamute

While it’s not common, Alaskan malamute dogs can be completely white. They are a loving, affectionate breed. Weigh between 70 to 85 pounds, but their soft fur coats create them appear larger than they actually are.

The high-energy dogs need vigorous workouts to remain healthy and need consistent training to manage their exuberant personalities. If you’re willing to take on this big challenge, their adorable dogs are extremely affectionate and love to be with their loved ones.

It is true that the Alaskan malamute is extremely smart and has a powerful prey drive. However, it is crucial to ensure that your pet is comfortable with young animals and children early to ensure that he develops to become a well-rounded pet.

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21- Hokkaido

The breed was originally in developpement for hunting large game. This small-sized Japanese dog weighs anywhere between 44-66 pounds.

Hokkaido dogs are smart and eager to please, making them extremely trainable. The breed can work with children as well as all pets in the household, making them ideal canine friends.

This being said, Hokkaido dogs should be socialized from a young age because they are prone to becoming fearful of strangers if they don’t receive proper exposure. Hokkaido dogs are a pleasure to accompany their owners on any outdoor excursion because they’re shielded from the elements with their long coats.

22- American Bulldog

An American bulldog is an incredibly strong athletic dog who’s always keen to delight his family. They weigh an average 60 to 100 pounds and may have a completely white or a part of a white coat.

They were originally bred to hunt down roaming cattle, which speaks of their lively nature. American bulldogs are bighearted, snuggle-muffins that simply want to be with their loved ones But be ready to keep busy since they require plenty of exercises.

American bulldogs and bulldog breeds are great watchdogs and are surely to be a perfect fit with your family. Be sure to interact with your pups from a young age with other dogs and people to make sure they don’t grow nervous around strangers.

23- American Pit Bull Terrier

American pitbull Terriers (or ” pitties” as they’re commonly speak of to by the fans of the breed) can have white coats that are pure. They typically weigh between 55-85 pounds. They are just looking to spend time with their loved ones and spend time playing with their durable chew toys.

American pitbull terriers can be exceptionally loyal, but they’re active dogs that require plenty of exercises regularly. They possess a strong prey-seeking instinct and must become socialized to other animals and humans from the beginning.

These dogs are unique and can be independent, and they’re best with those who give consistent, firm, and consistent training. In the end, they make great pet companions and are surely to be lifelong best friends.

24- American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is slightly smaller than their cousins, the American pit bull terriers because they weigh between 40 to 70 pounds. Like pit bulls, Am Staffs are confident and muscular dogs who enjoy spending time with their family members.

They’re intelligent and very eager to please, which is why they’re typically very capable of training. However, they may possess a stubborn streak and will require an owner who will commit to frequent training classes.

American Staffordshire terriers are very active dogs and require lots of exercise to keep them occupied and avoid destructive behavior. They are bound to leave a lifelong impression upon your hearts.

25- Saluki

This breed of dog is famous for its beautiful appearance and distinct personality. The Salukis are between 40 to 65 pounds and are available in off-white or white coat styles.

The dogs are a joy the idea of running (and run and run) …), and run). They require plenty of space and exercise. Salukis are gentle dogs who require trainers aware of their extremely sensitive natures. They love living with their families and can thrive in homes where people are typically in the vicinity.

Although Salukis are able to get along very well with dogs of other breeds, they also have an automatic prey drive. They should be put with other pets that reside in the house from the beginning.

26- Labrador Retriever

The beautiful Labrador retriever might not have an all-white coat, but their off-white color makes them excellent canine candidates on this list. The dogs that can be suitable weigh between 55 to 80 pounds.

Labrador retrievers are famous for their friendliness and can be found in all kinds of settings. They are lively and affectionate, and Labrador retrievers enjoy their walks every day and playtime.

The canines of this breed bond well with all family members and are keen to learn new techniques (especially when training treats are being offered). With a beautiful smile and a heart of gold, Labrador retrievers are amazing furry best family members.

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27- Chow Chow

Although not completely white, you can still find Chow Chows that are off-white. With distinctive pink tongues and a purple ring, these dogs weigh between 45 and 70 pounds.

They are independent thinkers and require a dog owner willing to invest in regular, consistent training sessions. Chow Chows are famous for their cleanliness and are extremely loyal to their family members.

Chow Chows tend to be uninvolved with other dogs and even strangers, therefore, special care must be used when it comes down to socialization. The slouchy dogs will surely impress you quickly.

28- Old English Sheepdog

While they’re not always all-white, Old English sheepdogs tend to have many white furs. As a result we include them in this list.

The shaggy dogs were initially created to assist in moving cattle from one area to another, but today they’re mostly kept as pets.

As true big breeds (who appear larger thanks because of their fluffy hair), Old English sheepdogs weigh between 60 to 100 pounds.

They need plenty of exercises every day and training to help guide their boisterous and playful personalities. The old English sheepdogs enjoy being with their families and are excellent watchdogs.

The Old English sheepdogs (and Old English sheepdog mixes) are extremely attentive and swift to alert you whenever a squirrel or a postal worker walks by on the driveway. Because These dog are intelligent, protective dogs will surely steal you by their long, swaggy locks and their eternal love for you.

30- Bulldog

The bulldog is among the canine world’s clowns with his distinctive, slender body and unique personality. The flat-faced four-footers weigh between 40-50 pounds and are generally peaceful, affectionate companions.

Bulldogs are a low-energy breed; however, they’ll require regular walks. Even though they’re notorious for their stubborn and lazy nature, bulldogs tend to be extremely friendly and affectionate dogs who love being with new people everywhere they travel.

Bulldogs are certainly wonderful companions since they are gentle, tolerant breeds that can be great companions for any dog. A bulldog will be at ease cuddling with you and enjoy some cuddles.

31- Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Lapphund image from dogtime

A Finnish Lapphund is big enough, weighing between 33 to 53 pounds. The furry floors were once reindeer herders and are swift and agile puppies.

Finnish Lapphunds, often referred to as “Lappies,” are friendly and affectionate dogs, even though they can be initially wary of strangers. This breed is best for families with many children since he needs continuous companionship.

They require regular playtime and exercise to satisfy their desire to work. Finnish Lapphunds are great when they play with children. They are great pets for families.

Big White Dog: 32-Porcelaine

Porcelaine Image from Wikipedia.

The Porcelaine is also famous as: the “Chien de Franche-Comte,” is a French breed with white bodies and tan facial markings. They also have tan ears. These beautiful dogs weigh between 55 and 65 pounds.

These scent hounds were developed for hunting small games with wild boar and deer. Porcelain dogs are extremely affectionate and love receiving the affection of anyone willing to pay them attention.

The daring Porcelaine is a dog who likes to be busy and is always eager to follow his dog’s lead. They make great companions for adventures with a sleek body and a confident yet gentle disposition.

Big White Dog: 33- Rajapalayam

Rajapalayam Image from Wikipedia.

The Rajapalayam, also known in the western world as the ghost hound, is a powerful sighthound weighing between 45 to 100 pounds. They are extremely reliable and were initially bred to hunt with their owners.

The puppies are natural watchdogs. It’s therefore vital to ensure that they’re socialized properly in their early years since they are inclined to be wary of dogs and humans.

The Rajapalayam is a predatory drive that could cause him to be unsuitable for living with smaller pets or cats. These beautiful, graceful dogs are guaranteed to be lifelong friends.

Big White Dog: 34- Boxer

If you’re searching for an animal that will last for a long time boxer can be the ideal option. They are white or have a partially white coat and weigh 50 to 80 pounds.

Dogs that are athletic like to play and require plenty of exercises to help balance their natural energy levels. Boxers thrive with consistent training and require a dog owner who can appreciate their delicate nature.

Boxers are energetic dogs who will greet you with a warm welcome on your arrival at home. These energetic dogs can surely keep your day engaging.

Big White Dog: 35- Border Collie

beagle dog looking away
beagle dog

Border collies with all-white markings are rare, but they’re all white with white marks. The intelligent dogs weigh between 30 and 55 pounds. That’s slightly less than average However, they have big personalities.

They’re quick learners and are eager to please, making them very trained. Border collies are very connecting to their owners and close to their family members.

Border collies (and the majority of border collie breeds) require plenty of daily exercise in order to reign in their ferocious work ethic. These breeds can perform agility exercises and possess a strong desire to succeed. When they are done with the day, the border collie will be at ease cuddling with them on your sofa.

Getting a White Dog Breed: Things to Think About

If you’re considering bringing home a big white dog, There are a handful of points you should consider to make sure that you’ve got the best dog breed to meet your requirements.

CriteriaKeep in mind
  • Shedding
  • Many canines, particularly the ones with fluffy fur, shed a lot. Remember that being a big white dog owner usually comes with furniture and clothing covered with fur.
  • Grooming
  • Since these breeds have fur that is white which is white, they can also become dirtier more quickly. Furthermore, some white dogs exhibit tears stains that tend to be more noticeable on their shining snouts. It is necessary to put an ample amount of time regularly bathing and grooming your favorite pet if you adopt the big White dog breed.
  • Health Problems
  • Just as other breeds of dogs, White dogs can be more susceptible to certain health issues. For instance, certain white dogs have a higher risk of hearing loss. This being said, it is important to have an accurate knowledge of the breed you’re considering and locate an experienced breeder to limit the health risks of your puppy’s future.
  • Climate
  • Due because of their light coats, white breeds of dogs are more vulnerable to sunburn, and therefore, it’s important to think about the climate in your locale. Furthermore, the majority of these big white dogs are adorned with warm, fluffy coats that are best suitable for areas with colder temperatures.
  • Unexpected Benefits
  • White dogs appear larger than they are because of their color. Furthermore, they are easy to spot and follow and can be useful while you’re in your dog’s park.
  • Things to consider when getting a white dog breed.

    Ending Note

    These adorable big white dogs will surely make great canine companions. While these dogs are adorable, each has a distinct personality, which means there’s an enormous white dog to suit anyone.

    If you’re considering acquiring one of these adorable porcelain dogs, be sure to look over our guide to the most popular white names for dogs to get some ideas on puppy names!

    Have you heard of all of these breeds of dogs? Which of these white breeds is your favorite? We’d love to hear your about it all in the comments section below.


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