10 most popular dog breeds

labrador - breed - photo
Dog lovers, perk up. The Kennel Club of America recently revealed the best breeds for 2019, and many beloved pets have returned to the top of the podium. For more than a quarter of a century, they have been at the top of the number one ranking, but there have been a few surprises among them.

Most popular dog breeds:

  1. Labrador retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden retriever
  4. French Bulldog
  5. English bulldog
  6. Beagle
  7. Poodle
  8. Rottweiler
  9. German Shorthaired Pointer or Kurchzaar
  10. Yorkshire Terrier

For example, the French Bulldog has moved up the list over the past few years. These cute puppies have made their celebrity wave all the way to fourth place. Getting into the top ten is a monumental move for the German Shorthaired Pointer, who hasn’t seen much of a hit on the popularity list in the past decade. This is his highest position since it was recognized in 1930.

Here are the 10 most popular breeds:

1. Labrador Retriever

These friendly and active puppies have been # 1 for the last 28 years in a row. This is a breed that should be together with its owners. The Labrador Retriever embodies the definition of versatility – hunting, exhibitions, family, dock diving (running into the water), tracking (tracking, escorting), obedience. When it comes to total charm, these puppies can simply rise above the rest. For 28 years, the versatile sporting breed has reigned supreme on the American Kennel Club roster.

2. German Shepherd

german shepherd - breed - photo

These reliable companions often work as police officers as well as service dogs because they are devoted to their primary guardians.

Some tetrapods are more attractive than others, but when it comes to working intelligence (that is, following commands), this type of dog stands out from the crowd.

3. Golden Retriever

golden retriever - breed - photo

This smart, intelligent and friendly breed is mostly the movie star of the group, starring in American films and TV series: Full House, King of the Air and The Way Home.

4. French Bulldog

french bulldog - breed - photoWednesday

and the French have “big personalities,” but they require minimal exercise and training. So it’s no surprise that eared dogs are the top choice for dog lovers in New York, San Francisco and Miami.

5. English Bulldog

english bulldog - breed - photo

Indeed – the presidential choice. Both Warren Harding (29th US President) and Calvin Coolidge (30th US President) owned these dignified and brave dogs.

6. Beagle

beagle - breed - photo

Curious and funny – Beagles, wherever they are, stick their nose everywhere and often get into trouble.

7. Poodle

poodle - breed - photo

They come in standard, miniature and very toy sizes, but all poodles are considered one extremely intelligent breed. As for their quirky haircuts, the poodles are designed to protect their joints and organs in cold water, although most of them are now purely domestic dogs.

8. Rottweiler

Rottweiler - breed - photo

Known as protective guardians, Rottweilers can show a softer side as well – as loving, loyal and devoted companions to their owners. According to the Kennel Club, they are the best guard dogs, very courageous and, with proper training, will do their best to protect their master.

9.German Shorthaired Pointer or Kurhzaar

German shorthaired pointer or Kurhzaar - photo

Known to be excellent hunting and field dogs, due to their intelligence and strong sense of smell. This breed is graceful, however, quite strong and powerful. They need daily exercise, both physical and mental. Very friendly dog.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier breed - photo

Fun fact: Yorkies did not become fashionable pets until the late Victorian era, but they actually started out as pest catchers in clothing factories. These adorable animals are diminutive in size but massive in nature.

It is impossible to pick favorites when it comes to dogs. Each of them deserves the title of man’s best friend.

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