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About dogs – Which dog has the strongest bite?

Numerous classifications meant to determine the dog with the strongest bite have been tried; some were based on the dog’s aggressiveness, others on the dog’s musculature, but the most suitable classification refers to the force the dog uses when squeezing with the entire jaw. Numerous tests have been made which involved a trainer with a device on his arm which measured the power of the bite.

The dogs were urged to bite the trainer’s arm which had the device covered in fur. Even this test appeared to be inefficient for a classification because there have been dog breeds that lost their attention and even if their bite was strong, it wasn’t continuous. The dog bit and then it let go, but there were dogs that did not have a strong bite but however they did not let go of the peay. We should mention the fact that both domestic dogs, as well as wild breeds were submitted to testing.

However, in order to have an idea on the dog with the strongest bite, we will strictly refer to the power with which the dog grabs the first time, without analyzing the duration of the bite.

The Belgian Tervuren Source: www.studyblue.com

The Belgian Tervuren
Source: www.studyblue.com

The dog that did not manage to record the strongest bite, but that was submitted to testing was the Belgian Shepherd. It grabbed and squeezed the device with a force of 61kg. Even though it is not the strongest bite, a pressure of 61 kg may cause serious injuries.

The next ones in the top of dogs with the strongest bite were the dogs of the breeds Pitbull and Dutch Shepherd – that grabbed the device with a force of 107kg. While the Pit-bull grabbed the device and did not let it go, the Dutch Shepherd grabbed it with the same force, but it let ii go relatively easy.

The list continues with the Karelian Bear breed that bit with a force of 111kg. The Karelian Bear dog was especially trained for bear hunting and although it disappeared after WWII, the lovers of the breed managed to revive it. As you can see, this breed has a strong bite and it would have been a shame for it to disappear.

The classification continues with the Bulldog – biting with a force of 138kg. The Bulldog is a small sized dog, chunky and with a strong constitution. Its bite is impressive, this dog also having the tendency not to let go of the prey.

Continuing to find the dog with the strongest bite we stop at the Wild African Dog that grabbed the device with a force of 144kg. Although it doesn’t have the impressive stature, it has a very powerful bite which helps it kill its prey easily.

Another highly aggressive considered dog with the force of bite varying between 149 and 159kg is the Rottweiler. Like in the case of the other breeds considered aggressive, the Rottweiler didn’t let go of the pray easily, varying the force of the bite, but not letting go of the prey.

The Dutch Shepherd Source: www.younghaus.com

The Dutch Shepherd
Source: www.younghaus.com

Tosa Inu offered the researchers a bite with a force of 251kg, obviously much stronger than the other breeds, surpassing them with 100kg of force. Tosa Inu is a Japanese dog especially conceived for dog fights. Although both the Pit-bulls as well as the Rottweilers are renowned for their aggressiveness, it appears that Tosa Inu manages to cause much more serious injuries than the Pit-bull or the Rottweiler may cause. Tosa Inu’s bite has no variations, having the same force all along. The injuries such a dog can cause are extreme, so we might say that Tosa Inu proved to be the dog with the strongest bite without variations.

The breeds that start from a bite with a big impact with varying force, either according to the jaw getting tired or to their aggressiveness, are interesting. We should mention the German Shepherd which bites with a force varying between 108-386kg. The variation is extremely big and it is very likely that if the animal feels threatened or feels its family in danger, it may provoke extremely serious injuries – as the maximum force of the bite surpasses the force of Tosu Inu with over 150kg. The Turkish Kangal also has a force variation oscillating between 159-323kg.

However, the dog with the strongest bite, although having variations in the force, is superior by far to all the other breeds, maybe precisely in order to confirm the fact that one way or the other, this is the “breed” from which all the other dog breeds derived. The wolf remains in front, although the force of the bite varies between 184-817kg. Even if not permanent, a force of 817kg kills on the spot.

This way, if we consider the force of a continuous bite, Tosa Inu is the winner, but we cannot ignore the wolf and we declare it the winner for the strongest bite with variations of force.

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